Sugar Cane Residue (Bagasse)

Bagasse is a by product of the sugar cane industry. A lot of bagasse is produced in South America. It is widely used as a biofuel inside the countries- producers: Brazil, Cuba. In Cuba  bagasse is regarded to be an important energy source for the country. There has been a lot of discussions about use of  bagasse pellets in Europe, but  unfortunately a  big problem of bagasse is its  high  moisture  content (about 50%)  ,which makes pellet production from bagasse an expensive procedure. Olive cake is produced from pommace which also has a moisture content about 60%, but due to the second oil extraction procedure with hexane olive cake is dried to moisture 13-15% during the oil extraction and there is no need to use extra energy for the drying of this product. Bagasse on the contrary does not need to be dried and pellets  has to be made by using dryers.


Experimental bagasse pellets which has been available for us had a moisture content about 8%, ash content was about 6-6,5 %, suphur content 0,13%. NCV was about 16,3-16,5 GJ per mt.