Products which we are trading at first hand are wood pellets. In our company are working people who have big experience of trading  firewood, wood chips, wood pellets, agriculture crop residues as olive cake, olive stones, sunflower husk pellets, peanut husk pellets etc. They   have also   been involved into investigation, experimental production and industrial tests with bagasse pellets, rice straw pellets, grape residue pellets, lignin pellets , were also trading  sod peat and  peat briquettes.

 During last years in connection with total   substitution of coal- firing   by wood products in the number of power plants importance of wood pellets and wood chips  have significantly increased.

Importance of products coming from the annual agriculture crops, as olive residue, sunflower husks, peanuts have at the same time to some extend  decreased. But there are plans to come back very soon  to co-firing   and also to start building more biomass dedicated power plants, which will make energy crops products  again very important. Existing biomass plants are using a lot of  Palm Kernel Shells. There are also plans to increase burning sunflower husks, olive residue. Power plants are interested to find more cheap and high quality biofuels and in connection with this arises   interest towards lignin.

At the moment our company continue working with agriculture residues as sunflower husk pellets, olive residues, lignin pellets. We are also involved into operations with EN Plus pellets for private market.