Current Activities and Future Plans


At the moment Renergy UK Ltd continues to be focused on industrial wood pellets, especially of the I1 and I2 standards. At the same time, continuously more attention is being directed towards other types of biomass and we are currently also strongly interested especially in domestic premium pellets corresponding to the EN Plus standards.

We stand open to receiving new offers for selling and buying both types of pellets still for the present year as well as for future seasons. We are also always available for offers on biomass other than wood pellets. In addition to this, we continue with regularly pursuing the course of our normal activities in freights, logistics, quality control, brokerage, market expertise and sustainability issues (please click the Our Trade and Sustainability Policy sections for more details).

It should especially be mentioned that at the moment we have a number of long-term contracts for the sale and purchase of wood pellets, all of which are being fulfilled smoothly. 2014 is currently a successful year for us with a target of up to 500,000 metric tonnes of biomass appearing within reach and this is also in the beginning of this year that we have obtained our own chain of custody certification under the PEFC system. From this we continue our work to build up our sustainability standards to meet continuously changing requirements and we are currently also involved into becoming a certified trader of EN Plus pellets as well. 

While Renergy will continue being strongly involved into the European trade in industrial wood pellets for the years to come, we keep a close eye on developments in other parts of the world and have some experience of markets for wood pellets and other types of biomass in especially North America and East Asia. Retaining our European market base, we are currently also researching opportunities for us to grow on those other markets and to trade with different types of biomass of which our employees and partners already have strong experience from their past. This also includes the trade of such other biomass in Europe, where we especially aim to become seriously involved into the trade of wood pellets for domestic consumption, in the first hand EN Plus A1 pellets. Our suppliers of such pellets have a production of a very high quality and we all have a strong mutual interest in successfully furthering such a trade together.

Among our other plans for the future we should also especially mention our aim to start a new trade in lignin pellets, where we have been doing quite some research that we would in many ways describe as pioneering in respect of this still relatively unknown but highly calorific product, and we are in good progress of finalising a viable, successful and sustainable supply chain of it, which has for too long been a difficult task for those attempting it in the past. At the same time, we are of course working on retaining and strengthening our relationships with our existing suppliers and end-users and we expect wood pellets to remain a very important object of our trade for years to come, also as we are in the process of continuing existing long term contracts and concluding new ones that should be spanning for years.