Our Concept of Trade

The prime object of Renergy UK Ltd is to buy and sell sustainable biomass. Within the course of time we have established strong links with both our suppliers and end-users, all of whom would to the best of our knowledge describe us as very reliable and flexible to their needs.

It is one of our strengths that we always attempt to work with some of the best companies on the market, which is very important for maintaining a working and sustainable trade and which is one of the reasons why we have always been managing to professionally fulfil all our contracts, no matter whether they are on a spot or long-term basis.

All deliveries and underlying matters, such as quality, freights, sustainability issues and inevitable practical problems on the supplier or end-user side have always been handled in a successful manner acceptable for everyone and our contribution to this has been much appreciated by our partners.

Selling and Buying Biomass by Bringing Suppliers and Buyers Together

Bringing appropriate suppliers and buyers together is always one of our major tasks and as traders we also very often provide all of them substantial flexibility in terms of delivery times and management of difficulties that inevitably arise from time to time in any relationship subject to transportation of sensitive goods such as biomass.

An important benefit for our end-users is that we often deliver biomass from a whole range of different suppliers but under one and the same contract with the end-user in question so that no matter what differences and difficulties there might be between and among the various suppliers, we always have to conform to the conditions of our sole contact with the end-user and have to balance our suppliers’ production accordingly. This ensures that our end-user does usually not have to get involved into the details happening on the “other” side, provided that we comply with our single contract with him and that we are fully transparent about our suppliers by providing information required by the end-user.

Conversely, we are often of help to our suppliers by having contracts with more than one end-user and can in some cases deliver to other customers should the intended end-user experience some problems. We also take many risks in terms of freight, insurance and quality on ourselves and we are giving both sellers and buyers a big service by very carefully monitoring the quality of the traded goods, which has always been of a great importance in avoiding difficulties between the producers and end-users. In fact, problem solving is one of our main tasks and by carefully and equitably balancing the interests of all our suppliers and buyers we have within the course of years become appreciated and respected by all sides.

We contribute to suppliers and end-users being at ease with each other and even where we work as traders in between we also attempt to forge mutual trust between supplier and end-user. This has been so successful that our customers often say that they have been happier with trading through us than having direct producer-consumer contracts.