EN Plus wood pellets

According of  EN Plus wood pellets  specification  pellets used for private heating must have ash content below 0,7% ( A1 quality),mechanical durability 97,5% and fines  content  (number of particles below 3,15 mm)  on the production plant max 1%.Low ash content will allow to clean the  household boilers from ash more seldom, low fines content will guarantee the pellets to be stronger, what is necessary in handling procedure ( bagging etc) and will guarantee  for the end users very low  dust content  in the bags. In reality at  pellet plants producing  prime quality wood pellets mechanical durability often  shows up to be min  99%.


             EN Plus wood pellets                                                               15 kg bags loaded on the pallets


          pallets loaded into the container                                                                         wood pellets loaded into bigbag (550 kg)

EN Plus pellets for private use are usually delivered in 15 kg bags placed on the wooden pallets. In this case they may be transported only by lorries directly from the production plant to the retailers. Pellets may also be in bags on the wooden pallets loaded into the sea container. They can also be transported in containers in big bags or even in bulk. Some big distributors of EN Plus pellets in Italy have started to accept   deliveries of the pellets in bulk by sea vessels. In this case pellets are bagged in the country of destination. A lot of discussion has been around the color of the pellets. Many Italian buyers prefer white pellets. But this actually is more esthetical matter. Color of the pellets depends on the tree sort of which they are made and does not influence their NCV. Pellets made of pine have yellowish color. Adding of spruce and asp gives to the pellets more white color, admixture of alder   tree will make the color of the pellets more dark. Also the factor influencing the color of the pellets is the dryer. In a case the raw material for pellets is coming from the saw mills with   already dried saw logs and the material is not placed to the drum dryer, the color of the pellets will be more white. Passing the dryer where the temperature is over 400 degr C will make the pellets more dark, especially when the pellets are made in winter and the dryers are working with higher temperatures and raw material is kept in the dryer longer time. During last time strictly white color of the pellets becomes less important. But of course there are buyers who still insist on “white virgin” pellets.