Grape Pit Flour

                               Dry grape pits                                                                         Grape pit flour


During the handling of marc grape pits are separated to extract oil and in this case grape pit flour is received. This product may be used as a biofuel. It’s moisture is about 11%, ash content about 2,5-3%, its NCV is about 17,5 GJ per mt. Nitrogen content is about 1,6% (in case of wood pellets max content of Nitrogen is 1%)  and Sulphur about 0,25% ( in case of wood pellets max level 0,2%).Ash melting temperature is rather high, about 1500 degr C. Main components of the ashes are CaO – 34,8%,K2O – 13,6%,P2O5 – 13,1%, SiO2 – 4,9%.