Other Pellets

Peanut  Husk  Pellets

Peanut Husk Pellets ( PHP)  or Peanut Shell Pellets ( PSP) were imported from USA  European power plants for co firing with coal. Moisture content of   PHP according our tests was abt 8%,ash content 2,5-3%, NCV abt 17,5-17,6 GJ per mt, ash melting temperature about 1200 degr C.  Sulphur content was 0,06%, Nitrogen 1,16%. To some extend PHP were comparable with wood pellets.


Reed Pellets

Reed pellets which has been available to us had moisture content 11%,ash content was 5%,NCV 17,44 GJ per mt. Nitrogen was 0,21%,Sulphur 0,06%,Chlorine 0,26%.Mechanical durability was 88%.Ash melting temperature was 1150 degr C. Reed has similar problem as straw. Its higher Chlorine content  may be dangerous for the boiler because of the slagging of the ash in alkaline media. Pellets that were available for us also seemed to be not enough strong.






Sugar beet pellets

Sugar beets are the second   only to sugar cane for sources of sugar. The pulp that is left after the sugar is taken out the roots of the sugar beet can be eaten by animals. Dried beet pulp is a  dried    fibrous  residue left after most of the sugar has been extracted. It can be produced and shipped in many forms: plain dried, molasses dried and pellets. Seems that a serious   obstacle for using sugar beet pellets as a biofuel is the fact that sugar beet residue   is widely used as an animal food. Mosture content of the sugar beet pellets which has been at our disposal was 10,8%,ash content 3,1%, NCV 14,63 GJ per mt, durability 94,7% ,Sulphur 0,10%,Chlorine 0,01%,Nitrogen 1,5%.


Almond Nut Shell Pellets

Almond Nut Shell Pellets has been prepared for us in Tunisia. Moisture content of the pellets  was 12,45%,ash was 1,37%,NCV 15,54 GJ per mt.Sulphur was 0,05%,Chlorine 0,011%.Hardgrove index was 17. The problem with industrial use of Almond pellets  is  not so big availability of Almond nuts and  relatively big energy consumption for milling the product.