Palm Kernel Products

Palm Kernel Expeller and Palm Kernel Shells are the products coming from the agricultural sector of  South East Asia, A lot of Palm Products are of  Malaysian origin.

The palm tree is a relatively short tree with bunches of fruit looking like small coconuts. The outer flesh of the fruit is crushed for basic palm oil. The inner part of the fruit, the Kernel is used to make the Palm Kernel Expeller, which is an ideal animal feed. Palm Nut Shells are crushed and can be used as a biofuel.

The process of palm oil extraction  from the Palm Fruit

  •  Oil Palm Fruit  is  harvested from the tree.
  • Palm fruit pulp  and fruit  nuts are separated from each other and the palm oil is extracted from the soft mass of the fruit
  • drying of the  nuts
  • cracking of the  nuts  and separating  the scales ( Palm Kernel Shells,PKS)  from the  kernel  inner substance 
  • extraction  of  palm oil from the kernel  inner substance .As a result of the oil extraction  from the Kernel a  Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE),   as a residue is produced 
  • storing of crushed  Palm Kernel Shell (PKS).  If it is not a raining season it can be stored at the  open air, if it is a raining, it will be better to store  PKS in the  warehouse (raining season: the end of March, April, May, October, November and beginning of December). 

It should be mentioned that  there is not special crop season, it is mostly the same crop during all year long, only in April and September it reaches its peak