Peat briquettes

Briquettes are another form of the fuel peat .They are produced by special peat briquettes plants. The size of the briquette is abt   170 x 70 X 35 mm. Total moisture of the briquettes has to be below 16% and ash -    below 13%. NCV of the briquettes is usually about 16,0- 16,5 GJ per mt. It has always    been difficult to achieve  NCV  at  17,0 GJ per mt ,which nevertheless  has been asked by the end users. Sulphur has to be  below 3% and Nitrogen - below 2,6%. Ash melting   temperature   is  abt    1200 degr C.  At the moment peat briquettes are produced and used in Finland,  Sweden  , Ireland,  Byelorussia and Russia. Quite a lot of peat briquettes and sod peat was produced in Estonia, but after Estonian   peat   lands and peat    production has changed the owner the energy peat production in the country was practically  stopped. Some quantities of   peat briquettes are exported from Byelorussia to Sweden. Logistic chain in this case is transportation of the briquettes by hopper wagons to Lithuania or Latvia and after that the briquettes are   taken   by sea to Swedish ports. It is very important that the briquettes would   be treated by gasoil in order to decrease the dust formation during loading and unloading.