Safety issues

Being stored or loaded on the vessel pellets may produce carbon monoxide which is known to be very strong poison for the human beings. Level of CO has to be monitored in the storages and people have to use gas masks when entering the storage. Also    very big precaution measures have to be taken when crew members of the ship are going down to the holds during the sea voyage and at  unloading port.

In the unloading port so called “Gas Free Certificate” has to be issued by a “gas doctor", a representative of  the Control Organization  who has to measure the levels of CO2 and CO. Inspector will be awaiting the vessel on the pier and will get on board first. Only after “gas doctor” will issue a certificate  stevedores/workers can enter the holds  and  the cargo can be discharged.

All loaded   cargoes have to be fitted with a Material safety data sheet (MSDS) filled in by the producer and passed to the master of the vessel. In MSDS the   main features of the wood pellets and connected to them hazards are stated. Also   first aid,  protection equipment  and  fire protection instructions have to be mentioned.